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a Passage through August always welcomes suggestions for new links.  Please keep in mind that suggested sites should be literary (writers and writing) and non-commercial.

Contributing Artists

Virgil Elliott, Artist

Itzhak Ben-Arieh, Photographer

Robert R. Williams Photography

David Solzman, Photographer

Elena Retfalvi, Monochrome and Colour Photography

Anastasia Art - photography by Stacie Milmeister

Sandra Stanton - Goddess Myths

Sue Loder - Sue's Art Gallery

Donna Andrews, Artist

Mona Adisa Brooks, painter, sculptor
Eric Delamarre, photographer

Vicki Ferrantello, photographer

Images des laurťats Ilford Prix du Jury Noir & Blanc

Robin Gotfrid,  Coastal Graphix

Steven Fletcher Radzikowski -  photographer, artist, poet.

Herman LeRoy Emmet, photographer

J & D Richardson - Photography is Art

Bette Ridgeway Contemporary Art

Gemal Adem, Artist

Roger Hawkins Photography
Naples News- news photography

Metro Publishing Inc. - news photography

Alessandro della Valle, photographer

griot photo - Social Documentary Photography

Kay Dee C., Artist

Eva Baby-Phasuk, Artist
Beaches of South Walton Image Library

Doug Thost, Blue Ice Photography

Bob Farley, web design

LeafWind Web Design

Duane Michals photography

Dan Kwon - amateur photographer, adventurer.

Flavia Sparacino. Responsive Portraits, Museum of the Future/Media in Performance - MIT Media Lab

Martin Junius, Photographer

Giles Smith, Travel Advice & Images

Anders Sandberg
, Graphic Artist

Graham Ord, Music and Photography

Yan-David Erlich, software engineer

Elra K. Norris, Photographer

Earthgarden Art Program

Marko Tovarez, Graphic Artist
Diane Wilson

Literary & Philosophy Quotes

Emerson for the Day - daily excerpt from Ralph Waldo Emerson's writings.

Epictetus for the Day - daily excerpt from Epictetus' stoic philosophies.

Other links

Web resources
During the years a Passage through August has been in existence, many contributors' links may have changed from their original site.  If this has happened, we have done our utmost to find the contributors' new sites. 

In cases where we're not successful, please help us by providing the new link for any sites that do not have a current link. "The link we save may be your own!"

Contributing & Featured Poets


Heather Long: Small Reflections

Jonathan Bohrn's on-line chap books: Contemplating August

Pris Campbell: Poetic Inspirations

Tasha Klein:
Salty Dreams and Leaves Fall

Contemporary poetry

the ZENOPHILIA series: Zen and Tao inspired Haiku, Koan, Poetry, Paintings, Photos, Graphics - from bob harbinson.
Bob Harbinson's venerable haiku and images site.

Modern & Classic poetry - The Academy of American Poets' definitive listing of modern and classic poets' works and biographies.

Famous Poets and Poems - A very nicely done poetry resource of famous poets and notable poems (20,000 poems, and over 500 poets) arranged by time periods and poets' names.  Biographies and pictures are there, as well.  

Modern American Poetry - The University of Illinois' online companion to Anthology of Modern American Poetry (Oxford) features works of over 160 modern poets.

Anne Sexton - selected poems and a biography.

Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats - the T.S. Eliot poems on which the musical Cats was based.

Henry Reed

Keith Barnes - Jacqueline Starer's very comprehensive site on the British poet.

Performance Poetry


Publications and Organizations 

Poetry Superhighway - Rick Lupert's de-facto standard of web-published poetry e-zines. - Patrick Martin's Poetry Resource Index, as well as his own poetry.

A Little Poetry

Poetry Magazine - titles itself "The International Digest of World Poetry"

L.A.-area poetry

Poetix - Schedule, news & announcements for Poetic License, the premier L.A. weekly poetry event.

Poetry resources

Bedford/St. Martin's LitLinks - Author biographies, links and other literary resources

Andrea Shavick, Author and Poet - Andrea's site features children's books and poetry, as well as career and business books and consumer writing.  Site also has guest poems by young readers.

SuperSummary (tm) Poetry Writing & Analysis Guide - Information and resources on poetry and how to read and analyze it. Sections include history, forms and movements of poetry, as well as tips on how to write it.

Writing resources

Maryville University Online's Literary Devices Guide - A reference of literary devices. Links go to outside resources, each of which can be explored separately.

- Australian College of Journalism BlogGeneral writing advice and resources.