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Raechelle Yballe

Raechelle was born in the Philippines, the daughter of a beauty queen and a golf addict. Flung to the remotest corners of the Midwest, she currently lives in Akron, Ohio where she works as a judicial clerk.  Though her cynicism has flourished with each daily contact with her friends in orange jumpsuits and chrome manacles, she nurtures the hope that someday the whole experience will become excellent fodder for a profitable screenplay. She is also a lawyer.

Raechelle's poetry is featured in
a Passage through August's main anthology.

Raechelle Yballe     


       Asymptotes in the Moonlight 
                             meet me halfway 
                            beneath these silver rays 
                          dancing upon a gentle sea 
                        whose crested waves did fall 
                      upon each other spent 
                   love, after all, is a path we must share 
              meet me halfway 
        across the grey-white strip 
 where coquette sandpipers scampered 
 towards the water's edge 
       almost succeeding but 
            never quite touching; in flight they flee death 
                meet me halfway 
                    halfway once more beyond 
                       this sea salt grave of broken shells, 
                         silent fears, infinite 
                           halves that separate us 
                            since halfway is as far as we can go 

       1999 Raechelle C. Yballe